Northwest Neighborhood Plan

The City is in the process of creating the Northwest Neighborhood Plan which includes lands generally bounded by CTH PD (McKee Road) to the south, University Ridge Golf Course to the east, and the Town of Verona to the north and west.  
The process for creating this Plan is outlined below along with the latest draft Plan documents. The draft Plan dated December 5, 2017 contains highlighted changes based on the Plan Commission's recommendations to the Common Council which will be reviewed by the Common Council on December 18, 2017. Please contact the Planning Department with any questions:

  • Property Owner Interviews - April 2017
  • Plan Commission Discussion - May and June 2017
  • Public Informational Meeting - June 29, 2017
  • Plan Commission Public Hearing - September 5. 2017
  • Common Council Discussion - September 11, 2017
  • Plan Commission Discussion - October 2, 2017
  • Plan Commission Public Hearing - December 4, 2017
  • Draft - Northwest Neighborhood Plan