What you can do

There are several ways to have a sustainable lifestyle, but you can even help the City become sustainable.


Toilet Rebate Program

Toilet Opens in new windowOn January 1, 2022, the City of Verona began a toilet rebate program for residential and multi-family properties. More information can be found on the Public Works website as well as what type of toilets qualify and the rebate claim form. Toilets must be bought in the same year you are claiming the rebate. 


No Mow May

No Mow May - 2022 Opens in new windowOn April 26, 2021, the Common Council approved Resolution No. R-21-022 recognizing May of 2021 as No Mow May to encourage all citizens to support efforts to protect pollinators. In January of 2022, the Common Council approved a permanent suspension for May of each year for the enforcement of the length of lawns and grasses until June 1. The suspension of the enforcement allowed pollinator species to emerge and early flowering grasses to establish to benefit the pollinators.

We suggest not letting your grass get too tall for your mower as it can be difficult to mow it on June 1. This is a voluntarily program that anyone in the City of Verona can participate. The City has free No Mow May participant signs than can be checked out and returned. These signs can be signed out at the City Hall at 111 Lincoln Street during business hours. We plan to reuse the signs in the coming years, so please return the signs to City Hall the first week of June to use again next year. You can also make your own sign or have one printed out.  

Don't forget to send the City a couple of photos showing off nature in your lawn. 

Signs can be checked out at City Hall, 111 Lincoln Street, for City residents during normal business hours.

Click here to print the sign from home.


One of the many options to volunteer is to learn a new skill through the Parks Department. The Parks and Urban Forestry Department accepts volunteers to help clean up trash, maintain landscaping, and planting trees. The Director of Parks and Urban Forestry tries to match people with skill set tasks and interest in the Parks. Visit the Parks Department website for more information as well as how to contact Pat Groom. 


There are multiple opportunities to learn how to become more sustainable. The Verona Public Library website hosts lots of events. Some of the events even relate to sustainability such as making and using compost in your backyard, storm water management, organic techniques for growing vegetables, and using herbs creatively. They even have events for children such as Eco Makers that recycle materials into a project. 

The Sustainability Task Force continues to become educated by various guest speakers who give presentations about sustainable ideas. The following is a list of presentations that the Sustainability Task Force has viewed.

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